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Hey, I'm Sirius B.

And I've been creating content since early 2016.

The Complicated History of SiriusBYT and all my projects

The Lost Period

Feburary XXth, 2015

My first channel was created, I wanted to support my favorite French creators at the time by Subscribing. The funniest part is that I was using my 3DS using the now defunct YouTube App.

The 9th of January 2016

This. This is where it all started. I do not recall why but I decided to start my own YouTube channel. I do not remember the name I had at the time. But it sure was probably cringy. My first ever video was an Asphalt 8 Airborne let's play video. It was recorded via Xbox Game Bar on my garbage Lenovo Laptop. (FYI please stop buying Lenovo Laptops, they're overpriced garbage, buy used.) Which... was a complete disaster because I still recall the video havng no audio and being at legit 3FPS. We all gotta start somewhere. I guess. The same day, I have gotten my probably first ever subscriber (there are barely any sources anymore), I wonder where that "Thomas GaminG" guy is now...

From January 9th to Feburary 25th

These are the last dates I could retrieve ever from my first channel. From the old nostalgic emails, these are the only things I could save to archive on this very page:

My first video's name was "Asphalt 8 Airborne Episode 1", it strangely was renamed to "Asphalt 8 Airborne Episode FAIL 1 FR". ... I wonder why LMFAO, even back then I knew it was horrible.

I know that because "ThomasCraft" commented "BIen joué heu tu pourras faire des vidéo sur Minecraft , Aspahlt 8 ,dofus et d'autre jeux ?" and it displayed the video name. The translation is "Well played, uh could you make videos on Minecraft, Asphalt 8, dofus and other games?". Yes if you didn't realize yet, I'm actually French and my English at the time was awful.

On January 11th I livestreamed for the first time.

It stinks so much to not have the videos anymore. The stream was about doing some Minecraft and Asphalt 8 Gaming.

I uploaded a video around Feburary the 2nd and it was a Minecraft "BuldBattle"

Yeah remember when I told you my english sucked? I couldn't even write Build Battle. I truly did start at rock bottom.

On Feburary 7th there's a trace that I made an important video. God knows what was in it.

The worst part is that I spelt it wrong and someone notified of it in the comments. We'll never know if I fixed it, because the channel was deleted one day. Don't know when.

I got "inspired" on the 9th of Feburary. And uploaded a Snow shoveler video...

Now this might be my memory causing me to write something entirely wrong but: I watched "Frigiel" which, at the time, was one of the giants of French YouTube. He made a Minecraft video on a like map that was cookie clicker but with snow and shovels (wow) I liked the video and decided to try the map myself. While recording it. If I still used Xbox Game Bar, god. 1FPS Minecraft.

Around Feburary 25th, I made an Agar.io video.

Haha even back then I chased for trends! I wonder fi it was on that Agar.io clone that was super cool. I don't remember the name and unfortunately it shut down a few years ago.

And this is where it ends for all the left traces of my first channel. Some day I randomly decided to delete it. Why? I have no clue, maybe something about not taking off instantly. (bro isn't patient, glad I changed) This explains why I cannot link any single video to prove anything happened, the only thing I have left are old undeleted emails.

The True start. The 20th of May 2016.

The "Version 2" of the Channel,

The "Version 3", and thus

The "Version 4", the start of the expensive road to a better PC

"Version 5", the upgrade that finally didn't limit my creativity.

The Slow Death of a Channel

The End of a Story

The Birth of a New Story