Flashcord bSID-231014 (The October Update)


Date: 14/10/2023


Iridescent Mode makes a return!

The bloat-fest that is Iridescent Mode is back at it with more useless things that just look nice!

Control Module Backgrounds

I felt like Iridescent Mode needed a little spice to its control panel. I rushed to blender and came up with grids (wow). And you know what? I think it looks so good on dark mode that I may consider using at night its dark mode.

The background is in 30FPS I'm aware and I'll be working on a fix in the next major versions.

More blurs here and there!

Flashcord taking SNDL's style again instead of the other way around.

The long awaited un-fucking of the link embeds is here!

That's right, there's no drills here, gone are the days of vertical reactions and YouTube videos being insanely small when playing and all of the other weird buggy shenanigans caused by the old code.

Old Embed Code

New Embed Code

Flashcord Debug has finally been updated...

Jesus fuck that took forever! Now Flashcord's debug got a little nice more compact redesign and now has an option to show all module's variables values! In the future there will also be another option to show specifically all other variable such as animation speeds and etc. To get general debug information, type "http://flashcord/debug". For module information, type "http://flashcord/debug/modules".


Removed the Brightness Change on [class^="app-"] inside the Focus module

Added the VC Controls to Legacy ChatSlide's Fade In/Out

Added ALL text to Legacy ChatSlide's Fade In/Out

Removed MemberSlide's Shadow (barely visible and causes problems with IRDSC Mode)

Iridescent Mode now has a more refined Light/Dark background.


Worked around years old chrome bugs related to backdrop-filter

Affected Themes/Areas:

Custom Background Mode Light/Dark (ThemeHooker)

Iridescent Mode Light/Dark

Iridescent Background would duplicate itself on the Y-Axis This has been removed, background may look smaller on some occasions.

MemberList would go nuts on newer Discord Versions I have no idea how the code broke and no idea why Discord felt like they had to change the css about it but eh. It's fixed now.

Unfucked any advanced theme's colors due to legacy code overriding with incorrect colors No more weird pseudo-dark theme on advanced themes' light mode.

Moved AnarchySID Code to Chat Edits' Module Nobody makes 3rd party modules but you're welcome. Codes' a little more clean.

Fixed the Flashcord Text in the Control PopUp Module having an incorrect background size making the rainbow loop weird I have no excuse for how long this stayed that way.

Unfucked the Advanced Themes text due to new Discord Logos section

Fixed the Jump to Present bar not working on a slowmode channel or when someone's typing NOTICE: May still be an issue at low resolutions, this is unfixable unless I blow my head off.

Fixed certain elements not correctly using the Border Radius internal variable

Fixed the Jump to Present bar being unusually large on Advanced Themes


The User Profile Modal is having some quite annoying issues again


Certain elements have not yet been updated to get removed by Flashcord's DeNitrofy Module

discord pls stop bloating discord

bSID-231014-HF1 - BUG FIXES

Fixed a critical bug where reactions would overflow on ANY messages

Fixed the Typing notification being centered instead of the left.

bSID-231014-HF2 - BUG FIXES

Fixed a major performance issue, note that it caused Legacy ChatSlide to look slightly worse.

bSID-231014-HF3 - BUG FIXES

Something was fixed but I forgot to write the patch notes at the time. Oops.

bSID-231014-HF4 - BUG FIXES

ENTIRELY Unfucked Flashcord due to recent Class Rerolls and naming structure changes

Very small performance fixes

Disabled the opacity change on Legacy ChatSlide as it will get rewritten

Disabled the DeNitrofy Module / Didn't fix it because it will get rewritten in the next major version.