Contact & Copyright Information

Most if not everything I do is protected under CC-BY-ND-NC 4.0.

This means you cannot reuse what I created without crediting me, cannot use my works to gain money and cannot modify in any shape my creations.

TLDR: You may only share my content.


I'm insanely relaxed when it comes to those licenses. Just ring me up and there's a high chance I'll let you use whatever you wanted with a few conditions.

You may contact me via Mail or via Discord. Do not worry about me always offline on Discord, I'm always lurking and it gives me more freedom when I'm appearing as offline.

My preferred method of communication is via my Discord Server for any questions or requests that should be classified as not important. You should DM me only when a situation is extremely important, and e-mail me if something is life threatning or something.

If you're very formal, feel free to use the e-mail below.

Mail for business inquiries: [email protected]

License Exceptions

This is a full list of every license exclusion, for people who had an agreement with me to use specific ressources.

Per-case exclusions:

There are no license exclusions given to specific people currently.

Global exclusions:

Forking / Editing Flashcord's Code to create a 3rd party module is entirely authorized within reason.

Non-commercial use still applies. Credit not required if your module gets posted to the Flashcord Store

Using ressources such as logos for SiriusBYT, Sirio Game Network / Sirio Network, SiriusBYT Music, Flashcord, is entirely authorized if used to critic / parody them / me. (AKA Fair-use)

No Licensing at all will be enforced. It's up to you to credit or not.


Music is a touchy subject and as much I hate saying this, every album made after SkyFall (itself included) is all rights reserved.

Please e-mail me if you want to use those songs (if somehow you find those good, you're weird man) or ContentID will get mad.

ContentID may still get mad anyways, make sure to ask them to verify your case again, with the licensing option with the url of this page.